Our design team includes people who have worked as broadcast camera operators and engineers. We know how cameras are used in real life and how they interface with the other equipment in a production.

BR Remote operates at the cutting edge of Remote Camera Broadcast Technology across a large variety of events and productions. From reality series to entertainment shows and International sporting events, BR Remote products are there to capture the coverage of the events, providing high-quality images for global audiences. BR Remote has achieved a distinguished reputation for its ability to design Bespoke Remote Camera Solutions for exceptionally challenging environments.

At BR Remote we pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service –technical support, repairs, and upgrades are all in a days work. Whatever your requirements we are here to support you every step of the journey.


IABM BaM Awards 2018

BR Remote are pleased to announce the CamBall4 PTZ Camera was in the top four of the 'Create' category in this years IBC event.


PTZ Cameras

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Remote Heads




The Advanced PTZ

David Bradley, Development Director at BR Remote.

"David Bradley, provides a short overview of the CamBall4's features."

The CamBall4.

The CamBall range has evolved over 15 years and is the most advanced and feature-rich camera of its type on the market.

Genlock and CCU Control

Genlock for pictures and metadata. Full broadcast CCU camera control.

DMX Control and Free D Metadata

DMX control via lighting desks, ideal for integration into master show computers. Free D Metadata for VR & AR applications.

Custom Programmable moves

Program user definable 'on shot' moves, up to 64 programmable moves available to recall at the touch of a button.

IP + Fibre Options

Both options available when chosen with the 'iBase' option.

Weatherproof, Rugged and Light Weight

From tundra, desserts and tropical forests the CamBall excels in any biome it has been used in.

VR + AR Capable

16-bit shaft encoders on pan & tilt axis allowing super accurate Free D metadata output for VR & AR.


Proteân XMi

This innovative design puts the Proteân XMi at the top of the list for ultimate performance remote heads.

Virtually silent at any speed, fully VR and AR capable with zero backlash in pan & tilt, built-in move profiling plus more standard and add-on features, make it impossible to beat at any price. The Proteân XMi is the most advanced remote head ever produced by BR Remote.

RS485 with IP + Fibre Options
Positional Control to 0.005 degrees
Virtually Silent
16-bit positioning


Our equipment is used by an impressive list of clients from across the globe, particularly in wildlife, news and sports programming.  Increasingly we also work across a number of different markets where broadcast quality is required; you can find our cameras at concerts, in theatres, on cruise ships and in industrial settings.

Spring Watch 2017

For the last 10 years we have been working with and providing BBC Springwatch with our remote camera systems. Our cameras are able to capture the ecosystems of nature, carefully filming animals up close and personal. This years BBC Autumnwatch is a must watch. Keep a look out for new photos.


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