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Nick Percy
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Remote Camera Specialists

BR Remote makes remote-controlled cameras for professional broadcast, film and entertainment. We are specialists – remote camera systems are what we do.

We design, manufacture and support the BR Remote brand of cameras. Our equipment is used by an impressive list of clients from across the globe, particularly in wildlife, sports, live production and concerts & reality TV shows. Increasingly we also work across a number of different markets where broadcast quality is required. Therefore, you can find our remote-controlled cameras at concerts, in theatres, on cruise ships and in industrial settings.

The BR Remote camera range created some 20 years ago, has grown to offer one of the best selections of cameras and controllers on the market, for SD, HD and now 4K. Take a look at our PTZ Cameras and Remote Heads.

What makes our camera systems special?

Our design team includes people who have worked as broadcast camera operators and engineers, which means that we know how cameras are used in real life and how they interface with the other equipment in a production.

Over the last 20 years, we have constantly refined our engineering and software to make the motion of the camera even smoother and the adjustment even more precise - so that the movement of the camera does not distract from the viewer’s enjoyment of the image, yet the camera is still easy for the operator to control.

Our remote cameras are built to capture high-quality images; our customers tell us it can be very hard to tell the images apart from those shot with larger cameras.

Using the best of British engineering the remote-controlled cameras are designed and built here in the UK in our own workshop. They are built to last, and generally they are backwards compatible so that they can be upgraded as new technology becomes available. Your investment in a BR Remote camera can, therefore, carry on working for you long into the future.

First class service:

At BR Remote we pride ourselves on our friendly and responsive customer service. Technical support, repairs and upgrades are all in a day’s work, and whatever your requirement we are here to help.

Here's what some of our customers say...


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James Aldred Freelance Camera Operator

The CamBall.

‘By far the best option currently available in my opinion is the CamBall range of camera systems, designed and made by BR Remote in Hampshire, UK. The CamBall really came into its own on a six-month installation inside the nest cave of a Californian condor. That camera took everything Arizona could throw at it: storms, 40° heat, sub-zero cold, grit, sleet, even Condor droppings. It just kept on working. I tried hard to break it but I just couldn’t!’

'The pictures are now so good you can’t tell whether you’re on a big camera or a robocam.'

Jo Charlesworth Freelance Camera Operator

‘In my opinion BR Remote make the best small form factor remote heads currently available, particularly with regard to the fluidity of pan and tilt control.

They already offer a wide range of products to suit most applications, but also have always been willing to undertake special projects for me, which has been extremely helpful for some of my natural history work.

I have been using their CamBall cameras for the last 10 years and have yet to find anything that performs better. During this time the picture quality has improved and the price has decreased. What more could you want?’