Engineering support and custom camera design

BR Remote offers both system engineering services and consultancy.   Our 20-years experience in remote camera technology gives us a unique perspective when designing systems to integrate equipment from different manufacturers or controlling remote equipment over a variety of mediums; Cable, Radio, Fibre or IP Networks.  We also have an in-depth understanding and experience of how data is managed and can offer advice on system suitability, limitations and efficiency.

When interfacing equipment, physical hardware is often required when running bespoke software.  Specialist cables, hardware and protocol conversions etc. are also more than often required.  BR Remote specialise in designing and building the hardware and writing the software to match.  We also tailor existing products, by adding or changing features, to suit individual system requirements.

If you need specialist engineering support to realise your remote camera project, talk to us - we can help.


Atlantic Productions

As part of this project, BR Remote had several meetings with the production team to demonstrate equipment and to learn about the program objectives.  This enabled BR Remote to design and build a system to fit both the objectives and the budget. This included added features such as;

  • Specifying and ordering the fibre systems
  • Creating interface units to enable remote control of lighting rigs
  • Adding software functions in controllers
  • Specifying and supplying ruggedized cabling required – including fibre cables

On pick up day, the Atlantic Production team were familiarised with the equipment and given training to demonstrate assembly and functions of each piece of equipment.  Different configuration options were connected together and tested.  We also gave hints and tips on best practice, obtained from our own experience and that of others who have used the equipment in similar situations.

The team is now working in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest for a month filming the wildlife.

TV Tools

BR Remote developed and integrated a large IP-based remote camera system using Proteân remote heads and Multi Function Controllers.  It was a challenge, especially using Blackmagic Design cameras and interfacing with a 3rd party touch screen controller.  Equipment from several companies from several countries was integrated to work together.  USA, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany and UK all supplying various parts of the system.  BR Remote made several visits to Germany, France and Finland to liaise as consultants with contributors and ensure that our equipment interfaced properly.  This interfacing was both mechanical, electronic and in software and data conversion.

We also added other features;

  • Remote tally lights
  • Routing of BMD SDI control to cameras
  • Additional circuits, software and electronics within the remote heads
  • Integrating lens drive from BMD to the lens via the system
  • Designed and built a dead-man’s switch
  • Consulants in Mechanical and Data integration of the whole system.

Video Design

As part of an on-going project with Video Design, BR Remote has been developing a stage camera tracking system using a flexible track from Waterbird in Austria.  The camera is a Camball and we also provided the motors, motor control system, radio data system and also the multiplexing of both DMX and Dstar data to control the tracking and the camera.  We designed all the mechanical interfacing, the electronics, pcbs, and wrote all the software to integrated the track drive system to all our controllers and DMX, including multiplexing of track and camera data over radio.