The U2-S is the smallest Mini Remote Head in the ‘U’ head range. Like the larger versions, they are fully featured for both live action moves and preset positions together with full camera and lens control using RS485 data. The head is weatherproof and can be used externally without further protection.

The U2-S is quiet, smooth and has a precisely controllable speed range of 90deg/sec to 0.01deg/sec or less. This gives smooth moves even with 40x lenses. The preset positions are achieved quickly for fast re-positioning.

The standard unit supports our HD10 multi-standard Mini HD Camera and offers a built-in PSU, plus engineering control of the camera via the same data path. This makes cabling extremely simple, using just a single 4-core XLR cable for both power and data. Inverted mounting is easy as the camera has a mounting hole on the top side. Pan and Tilt clutches are fitted to protect the mechanics and for easy rigging.

As standard, the U2-S can store 8 preset positions of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. Pan and tilt positions are accurate to less than 1 degree.

For more information on the U2-S download the U2-S Brochure 

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Extremely slow and fast speeds
  • Instantly responsive
  • BE_HD16 camera control
  • Zoom and focus control
  • Preset positions
  • Dimensions: 149 x 139 x 104
    Weight: 1.36 Kg
    Power: 12-15V @ 0.5A
    Dimensions: 12-15V @ 0.5A

    For more information on the U2-S download the U2-S Brochure

    For more support download the following manuals: CAD Dimensions for the U2-S Remote Head