Proteân XMi

Proteân XMi Remote Heads Broadcast for Film and TV Protean XMiBroadcast Remote Controller for film and television

The Proteân XMi is the most advanced remote head ever produced by BR Remote.  It offers a performance way beyond that which its price might indicate.

Virtually silent at any speed, fully VR and AR capable with zero backlash in pan & tilt, plus built-in move profiling puts the Proteân at the top of the list for ultimate performance remote heads.  In addition, there is an unmatched range of standard features and add-ons which make it almost impossible to beat at any price.

For more information on the Proteân XMi download the Proteân XMi Brochure

Main Features:

  • Width & Height Extension options
  • RS485 with Fibre & IP options
  • Loads >10kg – (with 2nd side)
  • Multiple Head Control from 1 controller
  • Integrated Motion Control & Profile Moves
  • Integrated Camera CCU & Lens Control
  • Multiple Data Protocols including DMX & Free-D
  • Continuous Free-D Metadata output
  • Suitable for Virtual Reality
  • Positional Control to 0.005deg
  • Virtually SILENT operation
  • Zero Backlash

    The standard model of the Proteân is the compact model, which doesn’t include any extenders.

    The standard model includes:
  • RS 485 Standard control
  • Lens control
  • Point-to-point profile move
  • Status display
  • CCU protocols
  • DMX Control
  • Free D & M* Control
  • Metadata Output

    The following can be added as optional extras:

  • Control over IP
  • Fibre Output (HDSDI)
  • Fibre Control input/output
  • Width extension (+50mm)
  • Height extensions (+100mm sections)
  • Slip rings (HDSDI, Power, Control)
  • RJ45 loop-thru
  • Weight: 7kg (Compact)

    Capacity: 10kg standard (>10kg with 2nd side support)

  • Compact: W. 293mm, H. 356mm, D. 166mm
  • Extended: W. 343mm, H. 656mm, D. 166mm (3 x height extensions)
  • Max. width clearance to camera centre. 160mm
  • Max. Tilt clearance from axis centre. 429mm

  • Movement:
  • Pan. Continuous with slip rings. +/- 170deg. without slip rings
  • Tilt. +/- 170deg. (with mechanical limits)
  • Software limits can be set on both axes.

  • Speed:
  • From <0.05deg/sec to 360deg/sec.
  • 10 electronic gears
  • Fully proportional control.

  • Position Resolution: 0.005 deg.

  • 48v 0.1A(idle), 2.3A max. + Camera requirement
  • Camera PSU option – 12v 3A nominal.
  • For more information on the Proteân XMi download the Proteân XMi Brochure

    For further support download the Proteân XMi Instruction Manual

    For more support download the following manuals:
    Proteân XMi Mounting Threads
    Proteân XMi and SMPTE Configuration
    There is a full range of additional equipment available to complement any remote system; Data repeaters, Data Splitters, Joystick Controllers, Camera RCPs, Data Routers, Auxiliary Interface units, Radio Data Transmitters, Fibre Systems, IP Connectivity, etc.
    • 100m Riser- extends the height in 100mm increments.
    • Long Drop Arm- For taller cameras or over-slinging when used with Risers.
    • 50mm Width Extension- widens the head for wide cameras
    • Wide Camera Plate- to match Width Extension
    • Multi Function Controller- can control up to 8 heads