CamBall4 VR

CamBall4-VR PTZ Camera Broadcast for Film and TV

As the name suggests, the Camball4 VR is a broadcast PTZ camera optimised for VR and AR with the addition of Absolute Encoders on the pan and tilt shafts.  For absolute accuracy in VR and AR applications, these make set-ups much easier by removing the need for homing at power up and requiring no mechanical backlash compensation.  All the standard features remain;

As an outdoor PTZ camera, it is weatherproof and rugged.  Made from carbon fibre, with slip rings, wide dynamic range, positional metadata, profile moves, VR and AR capable, DMX control, motion control, advanced CCU control.

Our PTZ Cameras are used in sport, reality shows, wildlife and concert tours, studio automation and VR & AR applications.

The iBase is an add-on feature which can be specified to add the options of IP control, fibre control and pictures over fibre, all built into the broadcast PTZ Camera. To find out more, take a look at the CamBall4 VRi Webpage

For further information on the Remote Controlled PTZ Camera download the CamBall4 VR Brochure

For further information on the PTZ IP Network Camera download the CamBall4 VRi Brochure

  • DMX, Free D, M*, Motion Control Protocols
  • Real Time Metadata for VR & AR
  • Built in Move Profiles
  • Weatherproof & Rugged Carbon Fibre
  • 2.4 Megapixel Sensor to 1080p
  • WDR mode
  • Enhanced CCU Control
  • Genlock
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Slip Rings
  • Inverted or Upright Mounting
  • 64 Pre-set positions P,T, Z, F
  • Switchable to Infra-Red sensitive
  • Internal Wide Angle Converter options
  • Internal Heater Option
  • 16bit absolute shaft encoders
  • Weight: 2.9kg(S) – 3.1kg(XM)
    Dimensions: W.166mm, H.222mm, D.206mm (+ connectors)
    Data: RS485, Dstar, DMX, Free-D, Mstar
    Power: 12-16v @ 1A

    Pan Range: 360deg. Continuous. (DMX 720 deg.)
    Tilt Range: +/- 120deg from vertical.
    Pan Speed Range: <0.05deg/sec - >180deg/sec.Other ratios on request.
    Tilt Speed Range: <0.03deg/sec - >120deg/sec.Other ratios on request.

    Accuracy: 0.0055deg (positional) <0.005deg (joystick)
    Pre-Set Positions: 64, 16bit accuracy (+/- 0.0055deg. theoretical)

    Other features: Profile Move with Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Total Time, Pan/Tilt Speed, proportional to zoom angle, LCD status screen, Tally Light

    Camera Sensor: 0.36” NMOS
    Active Pixels: 2.38 Mpixels
    Sig /Noise Ratio: >50dB

    HFOV: 30x zoom – 64deg. to 2.3deg
    MOD: <30cm
    Distortion: <3% (wide)
    Iris: F1.6 - F28
    Sensitivity: 30x 1.4 lux. (F1.6 AGC On)

    HD Standards: 1080i/50/60, 720p/50/60, 1080p/50/60 HDSDI

  • XLR4 - Power & RS485 data
  • BNC1 – HDSDI
  • BNC2 – Genlock

    Remote: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto / Manual White, Preset White, Rgain,Bgain, Master Pedestal, Red Pedestal, Blue Pedestal, Shutter, Gain, Gamma, Dzoom On/Off, Auto Iris On/Off, Auto Focus On/Off, IR Mode On/Off, Chroma, Detail, Shading, Knee, WDR, RGB balance, Output Standard etc.Preset Store (P,T,Z,F), Preset Recall, GoTo Absolute Position,P,T reverse, speeds 1-10, Turbo Speed, ND Filter.

    Operating Temp: -10 to >+40degC Out of sunlight
    Sealed: IP65 minimum (IP66 option)
    Mounting:2 x 3/8”, 2 x 1/4” + safety bond point

    ‘DMX Control’:
  • 8 channels - Pan (2Ch), Tilt (2Ch), Zoom (2Ch), Focus (1Ch), Iris (1Ch)
  • 16bit positioning – 720deg. Pan

    Specifications subject to change without notice E & OE
  • For further information on the CamBall4 VR download the CamBall4 VR Brochure

    For further support on the CamBall4 VR download the CamBall4 VR Instruction Manual If you have any questions download the CamBall4 VR FAQ

    For help with IP Multicaster Setup download the Instruction Manual