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David explains how to attach a camera with bolts

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CamBall4 – waterproofing test

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Protean Head – how to reduce the size

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Sound Test – Protean XMi

Comment, David Bradley

To hire or to buy? The decision is different for specialist cameras

Would you hire or buy a camera for a six week shoot?  David Bradley explains why your decision may be

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Introducing CamBall Lite – our most competitive camera yet

Once again, BR Remote responds to customer demand with a brand new camera. CamBall Lite is an indoors-only model in


Proteân Demo

The Proteân XMi is out with David and Nick for a demo in London today. Here are a few snaps


Engineering to film creatures in the wild

In situations where the “talent” is terrified of a human camera crew, a remote rig with the cameras in one


IABM Conference

Both David Bradley and Anna Wood have been working hard today at the IABM Conference. David took part in the