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Micro L Concept

Micro Remote Head Weatherproof Rugged Inverted or Upright Mounting 64 pre-programmed Moves Built-in camera protocols Wide voltage range By popular
Protean XMi

BR Remote announces a record year from sales of remote PTZ cameras, engineering design and integration for special broadcast productions

BR Remote Ltd reveals record turnover in the last 12 months from sales of remote PTZ cameras combined with engineering

BR Remote reveals the CB180 – a new multi-function remote PTZ camera for productions outdoors and on water

BR Remote Ltd, manufacturer of remote controlled PTZ cameras, camera heads and controllers, is to show a new multi-function, outdoor

David explains how to attach a camera with bolts

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CamBall4 – waterproofing test

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Protean Head – how to reduce the size

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Comment, David Bradley

To hire or to buy? The decision is different for specialist cameras

Would you hire or buy a camera for a six week shoot?  David Bradley explains why your decision may be