Support and Services:

Customer interaction is by far the major key to our business. Every single one of our products and services has evolved as a direct result of a customer requirement for a solution. We offer outstanding customer support which results in both repeat business and new enquiries as a result of customer recommendation.


We have a 1 year guarantee on all our products. Please refer to our terms and conditions to find out more.


It is a key part of our company ethos that customers should be able to benefit from improved functionality as it becomes available. For this reason our cameras are upgradeable, so you can invest today and be sure that the equipment will see you well into the future.

Technical Support:

If you have a technical issue please call us or email us and we will respond as quickly as we can. We are always happy to assist customers to get the best out of the equipment they have purchased. You will also be able to find instructions books and brochures on our website.

Product Support:

PTZ Cameras:
CamBall4 XMCamBall4 XM Brochure PDF

CamBall4 XM Instruction Manual PDF


CamBall4 XMi CamBall4 XMi Brochure PDF

CamBall4 XMi Instruction Manual PDF

CamBall4 XMi FAQ PDF

CamBall4 VR CamBall4 VR Brochure PDF

CamBall4 VR Instruction Manual PDF


CamBalll4 VRi CamBall4 VRi Brochure PDF

CamBall4 VRi Instruction Manual PDF

CamBall4 VRi FAQ PDF

CamBall 460CamBall 460 Brochure PDF

CamBall 460 Instruction Manual PDF

Compare the dimensions of the CamBall 3 to the CamBall 460

Configuration Manuals:

  • CB460 v IP Example 1
  • CB460 v IP Example 2
  • CB460 v MFC & RCP
  • AL-CM460 ALCM 460 Brochure PDF

    Elipticam Elipticam Brochure PDF

    Yacht Joystick Controller Opertating Instructions PDF

    Elipticam Dimensions:

  • Elipticam Outline PDF
  • Elipticam Underside View PDF

  • HD-16 HD-16 Brochure PDF

    Lemo- XLR4 Cable manual

    HDC-160HDC-160 Brochure PDF

    HDC- 160 DomeHDC-160 Brochure PDF

    Legacy PTZ Cameras:
    CamBall3 SCamBall3 S Brochure PDF

    CamBall3 XM CamBall3 XM Brochure PDF

    CamBall3 XM Instruction Manual PDF
    CamBall3 XMiCamBall3 XMi Brochure PDF

    CamBall3 XMi Instruction Manual PDF
    Remote Heads:
    Proteân XMiProteân XMi Brochure
    Proteân XMi Instruction Manual
    Proteân XMi Mounting Threads
    Proteân XMi and SMPTE Configuration
    U3-P1 U3-P1 Brochure PDF

    U3-4KU3-4K Brochure PDF

    U4-JU4-J Brochure

    U4-J Instruction Manual

    U2-SU2-S Brochure PDF

    CAD Dimensions for the U2-S Remote Head

    U3-S U3-S Brochure PDF

    U3-S Instruction Manual PDF

    CAD Dimensions for the U3-S Remote Head
    Mini PositionerMiniPos Brochure PDF

    Minipos Instruction Manual PDF

    Stage Box Stage Box Brochure

    2-way Data Multiplexer2-way Data Multiplexer

    Fibre Base Station

    How to connect a Fibre Base station and a 4K Head

    Data Hub
    IP ConverterIP Converter Brochure

    IP Multicaster
    RS485 Data Splitter and Repeater
    3rd Party Interfaces
    Simple Fibre System RD-11 Brochure PDF

    RD-11 RD-11 Brochure PDF

    RD-11 Instruction Manual PDF

    RD-12 RD-12 Radio Data Receiver Brochure PDF

    RD-12 Radio Data Receiver Instruction Manual PDF

    RD-12 Camera Protocol Configuration Instructions PDF > RD-12 Connection Example PDF

    Micro Camera Controller Micro Camera Controller Brochure PDF

    Micro Camera Controller Instruction Manual PDF

    Mini Remote Camera Panel Mini Remote Camera Panel Instruction Manual PDF

    Mini Remote Camera Panel Instruction Manual PDF

    Remote Camera panel Mk3Remote Camera Panel Brochure PDF

    Remote Camera Panel Instruction manual PDF

    Mini JoystickMini Joystick Brochure PDF

    Quad Joystick Controller Quad Joystick Brochure PDF

    Quad Joystick Instruction Manual PDF

    Configuration Manuals:
    How to replace the main chip Instruction Manual PDF

    Multi Function Controller Mk2MFC Mk2 Brochure PDF

    MFC Mk2 Instruction Manual PDF

    Tally Input Module
    Monitor Switching Module
    Multi Function Controller Dimensions onitor Switching Module
    Hand Wheel
    Studio Automation