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David Bradley Development Director

David Bradley.

Today it’s 40 years since I started in Television.  How is that possible? – I’m only 36!  And before you ask – No I didn’t ever meet John Loge Baird.   For anyone interested, I’m in the attached picture.  It’s only black and white as we didn’t think colour photography would really catch on, along with camcorders, non-linear editing, IP infrastructure and 8K – OK, OK, maybe not 8K.   How young and impressionable were we? – starting out with the ‘then glorious’ BBC - the only way to start in those days.  Interesting to note that after just 3 months we all understood how TV worked, from the lens to the cathode ray tube in your lounge.  Now 40 years on, everything has evolved, mostly for the better but equally, most of us can only understand our own little bit of the process, but it’s still a fun and exciting industry to be a part of.

A59-Course 1978

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