Introducing CamBall Lite – our most competitive camera yet

Once again, BR Remote responds to customer demand with a brand new camera. CamBall Lite is an indoors-only model in the CamBall PTZ camera range, at a tempting new price.

CamBall ‘Lite’ – Big on features, smaller price

The new CamBall Lite camera offers the feature set of the CamBall4. It uses the same camera, the same electronics and the same software. It provides exactly the same picture quality and smoothness of movement as the latest CamBall camera, CamBall4. The only differences are: this camera is not weatherproof – and the price. This budget-friendly camera is our most competitive model so far. If you like the CamBall camera range, but thought they were a little expensive, please contact us now for a pleasant surprise.

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Protean XMI BR Remote

Protean sees Red.

Protean XMI BR Remote

Weighing in at 13kg the RED + Canon combination fitted perfectly on the Proteân with just 1 Riser and a Long Drop Arm.  Smooth and absolutely silent moves – apart from the Red’s noisy cooling fan – to the tight end of the 50-1000mm Canon, with full control of zoom, focus and Iris.

To find out more, take a look at the Proteân XMi

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HD-17 – The new mini remote camera

You speak we listen. After high demand from our clients we have designed the next generation of the mini remote camera. The HD-16 was discontinued two months ago as a result of critical parts becoming unavailable. Since then we have had multiple requests to design and manufacture a product to take its place.

Please welcome the HD-17.

The product offers a 30x lens, improved CCU control, weatherproof materials and wide angle adaptors. The camera is light weight (under 500g) and is small in size (130mm x 70mm x 70mm).

We are accepting orders for this product now, with delivery starting in three weeks.


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