Engineering to film creatures in the wild

In situations where the “talent” is terrified of a human camera crew, a remote rig with the cameras in one location and the crew several hundred meters away is the best way to get intimate, close-up pictures. We believe the secret of success lies in the engineering, preparation and testing and behind the scenes work before you even set off for the airport.

In a typical scenario, our customers outline what they need and, working with the DOP we can suggest the easiest and most reliable way to achieve what the producer wants. We’ve just put a system together to use in a forest with a group of CamBall4 cameras linked with a single cable connection of armoured fibre to send the signals back. This was chosen to resist nibbles by hungry rodents. As the location is well off the electricity grid, David specified car batteries and a remote control relay to operate the lights. BR Remote built the system, tested it to be sure it was fully working, and after one day’s training the crew set off, and filming is going well!

The CamBall cameras were designed for this kind of work and remain a great choice for it, especially the latest model with its broadcast quality pictures, smooth movement, DMX and live action camera control. They are also entirely weatherproof, rated to IP67. But the success of a project like this depends on more than just the right choice of camera. The art of remote filming lies in the engineering the rig so that it will work correctly on location when the crew are a long way from home without the usual options for technical support.

Chatting to David, we realise how much of this Systems Engineering work BR-Remote is doing for clients and what a difference it makes when our engineers have already taken care of the integration and made the kit work together to achieve what the customer wants. We can use our own parts and other parts from other manufacturers. We build the system and make it do what you want, which is the whole ethos of BR Remote: “Your vision - Our focus”.

As you may not get this level of expert help from other places, this could be the overwhelming reason for choosing BR Remote and the CamBall4 camera range for your next project. Do contact us if you need an interesting remote camera rig.

Amazon Yasuni, Ecuador

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August Newsletter

What’s New!

  • Coming at IBC 2018  stand 12.F67
  • CamBall4 – read below!
  • Protean XMi Camera Head
  • 4K 6GHz camera
  • BR Remote’s Surface


Camball4 – with WDR, AR and VR capabilities

CamBall4 – the most exciting camera at IBC?

The CamBall4 uses a brand new sensor and offers DMX control – giving it the ultimate in precision control  – perfect for the new applications emerging with VR and AR.

For IBC 2018 the CamBall range has a new look. Many features that used to be “add-ons” are now standard features, with four standard camera models. This means there should be a camera to suit everybody and most customers will get extra features.

We provide options for IP and Fibre control and fibre output.

The CamBall cameras are built for wildlife filming, studio automation and concert tours.The full range with CamBall4 will be on show at IBC – we think it will be the most exciting small camera in the show!

New Protean XMi camera head: silent motion for studio automation.

The new Protean head, enhanced with silent zero-backlash control is impressing all who see it. The latest design has intelligence in the camera head and a new “predictive smoothing” algorithm which makes for the smoothest ever motion control. The latest model has built-in control for zoom and focus and full Free-D metadata including for the lens.

We see the Protean XMi becoming a key part of the new trend towards automated studios and computer controlled cameras.

4K 6GHz camera

4K remains a hot topic for 2018. We’ve been working on a practical solution to the 4K question and found an alternative answer –  a 4K camera with a 6GHz capability. See it at IBC.

BR Remote’s Surface – Camera Control by tablet

Besides the cameras, we have been developing their studio automation ‘Surface’. Running under Windows 10, it gives touchscreen control for all of the BR Remote cameras and camera heads. Designed to offer straightforward studio automation, it can store thumbnails, moves and sequences.The working model will be on view at IBC and we are keen hear your feedback on our new design.

Prices fixed to October 2018!

BR Remote are specialists in remote control for professional cameras.
As well as our standard ranges, we’re always interested in special requirements –
if you need something bespoke, we can almost always help – try us!
David, Nick, and the two Tims look forward to catching up at IBC.

Lots to see and play with – see you at IBC, stand 12.F67!
Email us here to arrange a demonstration at IBC
See you in Amsterdam!


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CamBall4 XM Broadcast Remote PTZ Camera for film and television

July Newsletter

What’s New!

  • Protean XMi – latest specification revealed
  • CamBall – CamBall4 is coming!
  • The Control Surface – we’re ready for your feedback
  • Studio automation – developing fast
  • IBC 2018 2 months to go



The Protean Head proved to be a winner at IBC 2017. This year it’s enhanced with silent, zero-backlash control, and it’s impressing all who see it. In the latest design, we’ve placed the intelligence in the camera head and introduced a new “predictive smoothing” algorithm which gives the smoothest ever motion control. Finally, with the Protean XMi, we can say that motion control by wheels or a pan bar is as smooth and precise as joystick control. We’ve also added new control protocols, new move profiles and more built-in moves.

Protean Main

The Protean XMi Camera Head for silent Studio Automation

The Protean adjusts to suit most lens and camera configurations, and in the latest version the zoom and focus are integrated with motion control. We’ve also added full Free-D metadata. The complete package gives an extremely simple route to studio automation.

This is already a top selling product. Even though it was only introduced a year ago, it seems it’s exactly what everyone needs. If you should fall in love with the Protean Head at IBC, you may be glad to know we’re holding the current list price for all orders placed during the show and up to October 2018.

The CamBall4 with Wide Dynamic Range

The CamBall4 is updated with a brand new sensor and a range of control protocols including DMX control and Free-D motion control – for AR and VR productions. And, we’re now including many features that used to be ‘add-ons’ as standard.

The CamBall cameras have IP and Fibre options for extra flexibility. They’ve gained a strong track record in wildlife filming, studio automation and concert tours. More details closer to IBC!

More coming at IBC

4K 6GHz Camera

Making 4K practical – we’ll have a new 6GHz camera for 4K on show, as well as the 12GHz camera.

BR Remote’s ‘Control Surface’

We can’t wait to show you this – it’s a brand new remote control device on a tablet! As always, we are keen to listen to your feedback before we put the final touches to this invention.

Why BR Remote?

BR Remote specialises in small, remote controlled cameras. We love them, and we work with them all the time – which makes us experts! Do come and see us, test our knowledge and try out the latest products.

We have come a long way since our 2016 debut. IBC 2017 brought some exciting orders – on a larger scale than before – and the Protean Head and CamBall4 are selling as we write this today! The new products we are introducing this year are the result of an enormous investment in design and development over the last two years – the products have taken a leap forwards and we can’t wait to show you what’s new!

David, Nick and the team look forward to catching up with friends and customers and meeting new contacts at IBC.

Email us here to arrange a meeting at IBC
Lots to see and play with – see you at IBC, stand 12F67!

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