Camera Automation Surface

Camera Automation Systems Broadcast Systems for Film & TV

The Camera Automation Surface from BR Remote is designed to be the easiest and most intuitive automation system available. Used in conjunction with our Multi-Function Controller it runs under Windows10 and can be operated with a mouse or touch-screen.

Using the built-in intelligence of the BR Remote Heads, it can be used in 2 modes:

1. A simple touch-and-go to pre-set positions
2. An automated sequence of camera moves and re-positions.

The system can control either 4 or 8 cameras with 64 pre-set moves per camera. Just touching the thumbnail will instruct the camera to perform a pre-programmed move to that shot

Creating a sequence is simplicity itself, just select ‘Sequences’ and a list of existing sequences will be displayed.  Create a new sequence with the ‘Create Sequence’ button or edit an existing sequence.

A sequence comprises a list of events.  You can insert, add and describe the events.

The ‘Create Event’ pop-up window allows you to select a variety of actions for an event.

• Camera move
• Pause
• External Trigger
• Trigger on Tally On or Off

When the sequence is running, the green highlight moves down as the events are actioned.  A pink highlight shows it is waiting for an external or manual trigger.

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The Multi-Function Controller works in conjunction with the Surface.  Commands from either device are actioned by both devices.