Camera Automation Surface

Camera Automation Systems Broadcast Systems for Film & TV

The Camera Automation Surface from BR Remote is designed to be the easiest and most intuitive automation system available. Used in conjunction with our Multi Function Controller it runs under Windows10 and can be operated with a mouse or touch-screen.

Using the built-in intelligence of the BR Remote Heads it can be used in 2 modes:

1. A simple touch-and-go to pre-set positions
2. An automated sequence of camera moves and re-positions.

The system can control either 4 or 8 cameras with 64 pre-set moves per camera. Just touching the thumbnail will instruct the camera to perform a pre-programmed move to that shot

Creating a sequence is simplicity itself, just select ‘Sequences’ and a list of existing sequences will be displayed.  Create a new sequence with the ‘Create Sequence’ button or edit an existing sequence.

A sequence comprises a list of events.  You can insert, add and describe the events.

The ‘Create Event’ pop-up window allows you to select a variety of actions for an event.

• Camera move
• Pause
• External Trigger
• Trigger on Tally On or Off

When the sequence is running, the green highlight moves down as the events are actioned.  A pink highlight shows it is waiting for an external or manual trigger.

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The Multi Function Controller works in conjunction with the Surface.  Commands from either device are actioned by both devices.