SDI Re-Clocker

The SDI Re-Clocker has two independently buffered outputs enabling it to be used as a distribution amp as well. It can re-clock signals up to 3G, and the cable drivers give a co-ax cable range of 100m or more. Using one re-clocker every 100m can increase the cable range to several hundred metres (depending on the quality of the cable).

Manufactured from extruded and machined aluminium, it is extremely rugged, designed for broadcast applications. Inputs and outputs are standard 75 ohm BNC connectors.

The SDI Re-Clocker can be used with any equipment, not just BR Remote’s equipment – making it a very versatile piece of kit. But if you are using BR Remote equipment, the internal electronics can be integrated into our remote camera heads.

For longer ranges, you may need to use fibre. See our Mini Fibre System.

Dimensions: 120mm x 87mm x 36mm. Power: 12v @100mA, XLR4

Download the SDI Re-Clocker brochure here.