Mini Fibre System

The Mini Fibre System is a very compact fibre system that can transport data to, and pictures back, from a camera or remote equipment. The standard units work up to 10 km via a single mode fibre. 20 km can be specified at an extra cost. Each unit is just 120 mm long and there are two units in each system: a Near End and a Far End. They are manufactured from extruded and machined aluminium, so they are extremely rugged – designed for broadcast applications. Fibre connections are by standard LC connectors.

Three signals are transported:

HDSDI up to 3G (BNC connector)  –  FROM the Far End – on fibre No. 1

RS485 up to 512K baud (XLR connector)  –  TO the Far End – on fibre No. 2

Genlock (BNC connector)  –  TO the Far End – on fibre No. 2

At the far end, 12v power (XLR4) is connected to the unit and is passed through to power the remote equipment, thus not needing a second power supply.

The Mini Fibre System can be used with any equipment, not just BR Remote equipment – making it a very versatile piece of kit. But if you are using BR Remote equipment, the internal electronics can be integrated into our remote heads.

For SMPTE cable connection and remote power, please see our SMPTE Fibre System.

Dimensions:   120 mm x 87 mm x 36 mm

Power: 12v @100mA, XLR4

Download the Mini Fibre System brochure here.