IP Receivers/ Converters

IP Converter Ancillaries Broadcast for Film and TV IP Converter Broadcast Remote Controllers for film and television

IP Interfaces from BR Remote come pre-configured and have our standard XLR4 connectors. They use standard 12v power supplies. When connecting to a controller the unit is powered from the controller. When connecting to a camera it uses the camera power supply and passes power on to the camera. Both the Multicaster and the Receiver are the same size.

No fiddly power connectors with odd voltage PSUs

Standard XLR and RJ45 connectors.

They can be used for any remote equipment – not just BR Remote kit – to send RS422/485 data with minimal latency to any remote equipment. These units have been used successfully to enable live remote camera operation from hundreds of kilometres away over a VPN to a venue.

RS485 to IP Multicaster – connects to a controller and broadcasts to multiple IP-485 receivers simultaneously.

IP to RS485 Converter – receives data from a multicaster and connects directly to one or multiple cameras.

The simplest method of using the units over the internet is to set up a VPN between the control site and the remote site. There is no further configuration needed to the IP interfaces.

Download the IP Interfaces brochure here.