Stage Box

Stage Box Ancillaries Broadcast for Film and TV Stage Box Broadcast Remote Ancillaries for film and television

•  Rugged extruded aluminium case
•  4 Buffered Data & Power Outputs
•  1 Buffered Data Output
•  1 or 2 Power Inputs

The Stage Box enables power and data to be split to 4 separate remote cameras with an independent output for looping on to other Stage Boxes. All the data outputs are buffered and re-generated so a fault on one cable will not affect any other outputs. It is built into a very rugged extruded aluminium box it withstands the rigours of remote use.

Either 1 or 2 power supplies can be connected. The switch connects all 4 outputs to one supply or splits 2 outputs from each supply.

If using a single PSU select the switch to ON.

If using 2 PSUs select the switch to OFF.