2-way Data Multiplexer

2-way Data Multiplexer Broadcast for Film and TV 2-way Data Multiplexer Broadcast for Film and TV

This Data Multiplexer enables 2 controllers to be used on the same system.  Both controllers are connected to the Data Multiplexer which multiplexes the data to 4 buffered outputs.  Any of these outputs can be connected to the cameras on the system.

The Data Multiplexer will not allow both controllers to address the same camera at the same time.  The first controller to select a camera take priority.  If the second controller selects the same camera a RED Led illuminates to indicate that control is blocked from that controller.

If the first controller has not sent any new data for several minutes the Data Multiplexer will then allow the second controller to take control.  This ensures that an unattended controller does not block control of any camera.