Micro L Concept

Micro Remote Head


          • Weatherproof
          • Rugged
          • Inverted or Upright Mounting
          • 64 pre-programmed Moves
          • Built-in camera protocols
          • Wide voltage range

By popular demand, a really tiny remote head.  Enter the Micro L Concept.  At just 90mm tall this is possibly the smallest remote head of its’ type ever!

Suitable for the emerging range of micro-cameras and, like the one in the picture, already waterproof. This combination offers both indoor and outdoor shot possibilities previously unattainable.

The input voltage is from 12v to 35v offering a huge range on a cable if you increase the supply voltage from 12v.  There is a built-in camera power supply delivering a constant 12v to the camera socket.

Unusually for a head as small as this, the input socket for power and control data is on the fixed base.  This allows for better freedom of movement with the camera socket on the moving part with the camera.

There are also 2 safety bond points on different faces of the base.  There should always be one accessible, even in tight spaces.


And if you want to hang it upside down – no problem.

There are 3x M4 mounting threads as well as a ¼” camera thread on the base.

MLC2 Inverted-1

Pre-programmed Moves    

Like all our remote heads and cameras the Micro L concept can store up to 64 pre-set positions. The movement to each of these positions can be adjusted from our larger controller.

Moves to pre-set positions can be triggered externally with a GPIO unit or remote data input to the control network.  You can even interrogate the head for its’ current position.

Mechanical  & Environmental                    

The main body is a one-piece, aluminium machining making it extremely strong and durable.  With seals on both shafts and the covers sealed it can be used outside in the weather without any further protection.

Slipping clutches are fitted to both axes to protect the motors and gearboxes. Unlike many competitors, these clutches prevent damage whilst rigging and during operation.


Micro L concept - Dimensions