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BR Remote announces a record year from sales of remote PTZ cameras, engineering design and integration for special broadcast productions

BR Remote Ltd reveals record turnover in the last 12 months from sales of remote PTZ cameras combined with engineering design and systems integration. BR Remote is a manufacturer of remote controlled PTZ cameras, camera heads and controllers for professional broadcast and entertainment markets.

“Our customers want to work with directly with our engineering team,” explains the company’s Development Director David Bradley, “and as a specialist camera manufacturer, we are able to offer this. It is not easy to find the expertise to configure professional camera kit perfectly and make it interoperable with an existing infrastructure, but we are doing just that – we can customise our standard remote camera equipment down to PCB level and our customers can work directly with our technical team to ensure a smooth, successful integration.”

During the last 12 months, BR Remote has introduced its CamBall4 camera for remote production, also a pared-down CamBall Lite camera, and a new range of connectivity devices for IP, SMPTE and other network protocols. The AC180, new multi-purpose camera for outdoor productions on water will be introduced at IBC.

The company’s projects include the design, build and integration of a special water-submersible, fully aerodynamic stabilised remote camera for yacht racing. It has many applications in wildlife filming, news and live sports broadcast.

See BR Remote at IBC in Hall 12, stand 12.F63.

BR Remote reveals the CB180 – a new multi-function remote PTZ camera for productions outdoors and on water

BR Remote Ltd, manufacturer of remote controlled PTZ cameras, camera heads and controllers, is to show a new multi-function, outdoor remote controlled camera at IBC, named the CB180.

The CB180 has been designed to capture live pictures from difficult locations out of doors, including those that are moving. It can be used on a boat or telescopic pole, while a production team can direct the camera from a remote studio or edit suite.

The camera is built from rugged carbon fibre with slip rings to ensure that it is weatherproof. This model is rated to both IP66 and IP67. IP66 indicates protection from heavy splashing and jets of water, while IP67 indicates that the camera is also protected against immersion in water. This means that the camera needs no extra protection in wet environments.

The CB180 contains all of the features in BR Remote’s CamBall4 camera in an aerodynamic design. In particular, it has Wide Dynamic Range, positional metadata, smart profile moves, DMX control, and advanced CCU control. A crew can therefore adjust the camera remotely and match its feed to AR, VR and graphics in a professional production.

For this outdoor model, BR Remote has added a wash and wipe feature to clean the lens, and stabilisation to steady the camera when it is used in motion.

The CB180 is the latest development in BR Remote’s range of PTZ cameras, robotic camera heads and controllers. These are used in professional broadcast and entertainment, and especially in wild life filming, sports, reality TV and news.  See BR Remote at IBC in Hall 12, stand 12.F63.