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The new RD-11 Radio Data System from BRADLEY follows the success of the original RD_10. But with newer technology. It is built into uniquely functional and stylish units for effortless, error free data transmission. The units have both transmit and receive capability and can be user set to be either a transmitter, receiver or re-transmitter for individual setups.

Once setup, all parameters are set by the master transmitter which can transmit to as many receivers as required. In re-transmit mode they can both output the data and re-transmit it to units further afield, thus potentially doubling the effective range, or even more with additional re-transmitters.

A key feature is the 'bolt-on' function modules for lens control, servo control or camera CCU.

The simple menu system guides you through the various setups. Channel selection, power output etc. are some of the parameters.

Data style, (RS485, TTL) parity, baud rates etc. Are easily set via the menu on the transmitter. For Bradley data all of the parameters are set automatically including the 'legalisation' of the transmissions.

Clear LED indicators are provided for easy confirmation of the setups and performance.

The operating buttons are both raised and backlit, as is the LCD readout. This makes operation in poor lighting conditions much easier.

The one piece overlay has no holes or perforations making it less vulnerable to moisture and dust ingress. The units can be used outside in the weather without additional protection.

The enclosure is sealed with a custom silicone rubber extrusion which gives a good non-slip and tactile 'feel'.

Industry standard Lemo sockets are used for both inputs and outputs. Power is looped through with various output options available on the 7 pin output socket.

Functions modules are the same shape and simply bolt together with the radio unit. Modules available at present are;

Broadcast Lens Driver (6, 8, 12, 20 pin Hirose adaptors)
Camera CCU Controller (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi etc.)
Triple Servo Driver (Lens servos and gears are also avaiable.)

The software in any module can be customised to suit many requirements.

Dimensions: (max.) 124mm x 93mm x 12.7mm

Weight: 190 gms.
Power: 9 - 24v @ 2W max.




10 user selectable channels (8 in USA)
Ultra thin design
Easy Menu Control
10mW, 25mW & 500mW output power
User selectable data rates and format
Bolt-on Function Modules
868Mhz (EU) and 915Mhz (USA) versions user selectable channels (8 in USA)


Other notes


Product image

Dimensions124mm x 93mm x 12.7mm
Power9-20v @2W max
Dimensions9-20v @2W max

Bolt On Function Modules

Function modules are the same shape and simply bolt together with the radio unit. These can offer camera CCU protocols (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, etc.) lens control or other functions as required.