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Remote Head
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The U4-HD Remote Head has been designed to accommodate the emerging range of HD remote camera blocks. eg; Ikegami HDL40, Sony HDC-300 & 310, Hitachi DK-H32, Panasonic AK-HC1500, JVC KH-F870U and others.

It is very sophisticated and offers a very high dynamic range, with smooth and quiet operation. Many of the features have never been built into a remote head of this size.


The mechanics are very precise with extremely low backlash. Clutches are fitted on both axis to aid rigging and protect the servo gearboxes from damage. The tilt clutch is externally adjustable to aid camera balancing and has a hollow shaft to allow cable routing. The unit can be C of G balanced for perfect control. The unique servo drivers achieve speeds of up to 150 degrees/sec yet still deliver smooth moves at the tight end of the lens.

Data Control

Data is sent using RS485 which allows ranges of over 1km on twisted pair cable. For camera control this is converted to the appropriate camera protocol inside the head for communication with the camera. This can be RS232, RS485, LANC or many other standards.

Up to 10 heads can be ‘daisy-chained’ on the same data cable and up to 64 heads can be supported on a system.

Radio Control

Two optional radio data receivers can be fitted internally on independent frequencies for radio control. This technology has been fully tested and delivers trouble-free operation on many units around the world.

Camera & Lens Control

Various camera and lens protocols can be programmed into the U4_HD enabling full remote control over the single serial data link. A 12v @ 3A camera PSU is also built into the unit.

Two 12 pin Hirose lens control sockets are fitted on the front of the camera support saddle and a 9pin and 15pin D plug are fitted on the rear. This arrangement ensures that the camera and lens cables do not interfere with the movement. A tally light is fitted to the front with additional outputs on the rear. There is also provision for LANC control via the 9pin D socket. Internal drivers are provided for digital lens control and can be routed to the lens control sockets.

Status Display

On the side of the unit is an LED display showing status information and settings. This usually displays the head ident number but also shows other information, eg: voltage, radio frequency, errors, etc. Various settings can be changed using the buttons on this display.

Slip Rings

If required there are 14 slip rings available for camera power, outputs and communications. These are provided via the 15way Dplugs on the saddle and base. Independent of these however, is a 12v @ 3A camera power supply built into the head. This enables operation of the head and camera from a single, 12 - 24v power supply.

Multiple Heads

Up to 64 remote heads can be operated on a single system with up to 4 controllers. Our data router takes care of operator priorities and can be set to the user’s preference.

Preset Positions

Up to 32 preset positions can be stored and recalled. Each position includes, Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus positions. Once stored, the positions are saved during power off and are not lost even if the head is moved using the slipping clutches. Pan and tilt limits can also be set by the user.

HD SDI Operation

For HD SDI output there are 2 options;
1. Passing a cable through the hollow shaft in the clutch side.
A hollow shaft is provided for routing cables to the camera if required. For applications which do not require continuous 360deg. pans this is a simple option.

2. Using HD component outputs and converting after the slip rings.
Many cameras have an HD component output which can be passed through the slip rings. Bradley Engineering has produced a miniature SDI / HDSDI converter which can be built into the base after the slip rings. Our CamBall HD uses this technology and the converter is also available as a miniature stand-alone unit.

Support Equipment

There is a full range of additional equipment available to complement any remote system:

Data repeaters
Data Splitters
Joystick Controllers
Camera RCPs
Data Routers
Auxiliary Interface units
Radio Data Transmitters


To see the U4-HD in action follow the link below. 


  • Very Slim Profile
  • Lightweight - 3.4kg
  • Loads up to 10kg
  • Compact or Tall options
  • Slip Rings
  • Integrated Camera PSU
  • Integrated Camera CCU Data
  • Digital or Analogue Lens Drive
  • Clutches on both axes
  • 2 ch. Radio data control option
  • High Dynamic Range

Other notes


Product image

Power12-24v @ 1A
Dimensions12-24v @ 1A
DataRS 485, twisted pair, 1000+ metres (without repeaters) Radio 434Mhz, 200metres, line-of-sight.