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Remote Head
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The U3/S Mini Remote Head is a development of our extremely popular U3 Head. It is small and fully featured for both live action moves and preset positions together with full camera and lens control using RS485 data. The head is weatherproof and can be used externally without further protection.

The U3/S is now fully upgraded being extremely quiet, even smoother and with a precisely controllable speed range of 90deg/sec to 0.01deg/sec or less. This gives smooth moves even with 40x lenses. The preset positions are achieved more quickly and with greater accuracy.

The unit now supports our BE_HD10 multi standard Mini HD Camera ond offers a built-in PSU, plus engineering control of the camera via the same data path. This makes cabling extremely simple, using just a single 4-core XLR cable for both power and data.

If required, 2 independent frequency data receivers can be included for wireless operation. These utilise our Data Transmitters which are also very easy to rig and use.

Inverted or even side mounting (for vertical shots) presents no problems for the head as the camera is centre-of-gravity balanced in both axis. Pan and Tilt clutches are fitted to protect the mechanics and for easy rigging.

As standard the U3/S can store 8 preset positions of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. Pan and tilt positions are accurate to within 0.4deg. Alternative positioning commands can be implemented for individual customer requirements.

Up to 10 cameras and heads can be connected in a ‘daisy chain’ manner to a controller. Alternatively up to 64 heads can be controlled using a distribution amplifier or via a radio data link provided this allows ‘streaming’ of the data. The U3/S does all the data and error handling internally and is optimised for live action control. Each head recognises its own ident, therefore the same frequency can be used for all heads.

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Extremely Slow and Fast speeds
  • Instantly Responsive
  • BE_HD16 Camera control
  • Zoom & Focus Control
  • Pre-set Positions
  • Radio Data Control Option

Other notes


Product image

Dimensions165 x 165 x 95
Weight1.6 Kg
Power12-15v @ 600mA
RemotePan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto White, Manual White, Preset White, Rgain, Bgain, Mped, Rped, Detail, Shutter, Gain, Gamma, Dzoom On/Off, Auto Iris On/Off, IR Mode On/off, Output Standard HD/SD etc, Preset store (P,T,Z,F), Preset Recall, P/T Reverse, Hi/Lo speeds, Turbo Speed
Dimensions12-15v @ 600mA

Multi frequency radio data receiver

Additional info

Operating Temp: -10 to +45 degrees C out of sunlight