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  U3 4K
Remote Head

The U3_4K is a small pan and tilt head developed specifically for the new ALCM 460 4K camera and has both a camera power supply, lens control, and CCU protocols built in.

Connections to the unit are twin ST fibre plus power or BRADLEY standard RS485 data. One fibre is dedicated to returning the quad 3G pictures and the other is for control data and genlock to the camera and head. using fibre connections enables ranges of up to 20km. All the fibre interfaces are built-in with matching connectors for direct connection to teh ALCM 460 camera.

The U3_4K is extremely quiet, smooth, fully featured for both live action moves and preset positions together with full camera and lens control using BRADLEY standard protocols. The head is weatherproof and can be used externally without further protection. A slip ringed option is also available for continous 360 degree pans.

Fully proportional joystick control enables moves from 90 degrees/sec to 0.02 degrees/sec or less. This gives smooth moves even with long lenses. The preset positions are achieved quickly and with accuracy of better than 0.5degrees.

A matching Base Station is available for returning the quad 3G pictures and multiplexing control data with genlock up to the camera. SMPTE hybrid cable versions are also available, making 4K migration as simple as possible.

A number of joystick controllers are available from BR Remote, along with various RCP options for camera CCU control. Up to 99 cameras can be controlled on a single system.

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Extremely slow and fast speeds
  • Instantly responsive
  • ALCM 460 camera control
  • Dual fibre input/output
  • Smooth on-shot moves
  • 32 preset positions
  • Slip ring option for continuous 360 degree pans

Other notes


Product image

Dimensions200mm x 172mm x 98mm
Weight2.5 Kg (excluding plugs)
Power8-14v @35W including AL-CM460
RemotePan, Tilt, Pan Speed, Tilt Speed, Pan/Tilt direction, Preset store, Preset recall, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto Iris On/Off, Auto focus On/Off, Auto White, Manual White, Preset White, Master Gain, Red Gain, Blue Gain, Master Ped, Red Ped, Blue Ped, Detail, Shutter, Gamma, Chroma, Knee
Dimensions8-14v @35W including AL-CM460
  • Fibre base station
  • Joystick controllers - 3 types
  • Remote Camera Panels - 2 types
  • Radio Data Control
  • Anti-Vibration mounts
  • ALCM 460 4K camera
  • Servo lenses
  • SMPTE hybrid adaptors
  • Stage boxes for multiple cameras
  • Adaptors for control over IP

XLR4 - power and data, ST1 - data and genlock, ST2 - CWDM Quad 3G

DataRS485, 9600 baud or fibre
SpeedPan and Tilt 0.05 deg/sec to 120deg/sec both axes, range. Pan +/- 160 degrees; Tilt -40 to +220 degrees
Additional info

Mounting threads:

3/8" and 1/4" mounting threads


-10 degrees to +50 degrees C