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  Simple Fibre System
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The Simple Fibre System is, as the name suggests, very simple. It consists of two matching units, a FAR END and a NEAR END which connect to each other via dual single mode fibres. 1 fibre is used for the HDSDI and 1 for the data.

The standard units are fitted with the Neutrik Opticon SMPTE connectors which also allow connection with dual LC fibre connectors.   The units are also available with Lemo or Rosenburger connectors. (Specify the connectors when ordering.) 

Both ends have XLR4 connectors for 10 - 16v power which is also routed to the remote camera. In theory, only 1 power supply is required at the far end to power both the camera and the fibre system.



  • Data and HDSDI (3g) to 10km
  • Small ruggged system
  • Neutrik (LC), Lemo, Rosenburger
  • Remote Power (48v) option

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