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The RD-12 Radio CCU Receiver is the smallest and lightest of its type ever produced by BR Remote - possibly by anyone worldwide. It is built into uniquely functional and stylish housing for effortless CCU control of a variety of camera types, including Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic and Bradley cameras plus others.

Data transmission is via the RD-11 units which also controls all the parameters and channel selection etc. For many camera types (eg Sony) only a single cable is required from the camera. This powers the unit and also connects the RS422 data.

Operating on license-free frequencies around the world it conforms with all the required regulations and in most territories requires no license or notification of intended use.

A single camera CCU sytem would comprise;

  • RD-12 Receiver
  • RD-11 Transceiver
  • Remote Camera Panel Mk3

Each RCP can control up to 4 cameras with the same transmitter and up to 4 RD-12 Receivers. The camera protocols are selected from the RCP. The sytem can control different types of cameras at the same time. For example; Camera 1 = Sony, Camera 2 = Ikegami.

More cameras can be controlled by adding more receivers and RCPs, but still using only one RD-11 Transmitter.

The RD-11 and RD-12 both have clear LED indicators showing confirmation of the setups and performance. Channel changes and setups are performed from the RD-11 and transmitted to the RD-12.

  • CCU control for Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Bradley, etc.
  • 10 user selectable channels (8 in USA)
  • Ultra thin design
  • Weighs only 100gms
  • Full Control via RD-11 Transmitter
  • 868Mhz (EU) and 915Mhz (USA) versions

Other notes


Product image

Dimensions88mm x 60mm x 12.5mm
Power5-25v @ 0.5w
Dimensions5-25v @ 0.5w