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  Quad Joystick Controller
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The Quad Joystick is a further development of our very popular 4 camera controller but with increased functionality. The LCD display and the associated controls offer access to a far greater range of controls than the previous version. Almost all BRADLEY functions can be accessed via the LCD menu.

The controller is constructed from an aluminum extrusion with fully machined end plates which incorporate the input/output socket and the focus control. Rubber inserts on the end plates and soft touch knobs give a comfortable feel to the controller and offer grip when placed on a hard surface.


The main functions are accessed directly via the dedicated knobs and buttons. The LCD display will show the iris values as they are changed.


All other functions are accessed via the mini LCD display using the associated knob and the associated button.



Menu Functions

  • Gain
  • Red Gain
  • Blue Gain
  • Detail
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance (all options)
  • Gamma
  • Master Pedestal
  • Output Standard (all options)
  • Iris Range
  • Pan Speed
  • Tilt Speed
  • Reverse Pan/Tilt
  • Zoom Reverse
  • Focus Reverse
  • Change Head ID
  • Reset ALL to #1
  • Infra Red Mode
  • Power Up Memory
  • Digital Zoom On/Off
  • Remote Relay On/Off
  • Auto Focus On/Off

Other notes


Product image

Power12V 200MA
Dimensions12V 200MA


Max . cable length



  • 3 axis Joystick
  • End Wheel
  • Knob
  • Touch Down
  • Button
  • 4 x Buttons
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom
  • Focus
  •  Iris
  • Iris Auto/Manual
  • Record / Stop
  • Camera Select 1-4



Industry standard XLR4 connectors are used for both power input and data output and are recessed into the machined ends. A simple upgrade enables data to be input from a remote RCP.

Additional info

Upgrading from the previous 4 camera Joystick to the Quad Joystick is on a fast turnaround from BR Remote and is a cost-effective option. New electronics and top panel are fitted retaining the joystick, knobs, buttons and sockets from the previous unit.

A simple upgrade enables the Quad Joystick to accept remote data from any BRADLEY RCP. This requires a special cable and a code entry to activate the software. When ordering this at a later date you will need the serial number.