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  Proteân XM Remote Head
Remote Head
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The all-new Proteân XM Remote Head from BR Remote builds on 20 years' of experience in remote camera and head control. The Proteân has been designed from the base up to deliver very high precision moves and smooth operation suitable for today’s demanding applications. Whether for virtual reality, or high-speed sport this head will deliver and with its host of additional features it can also manage many of the tasks often requiring additional equipment. eg; Lens Drivers and CCU control.

The mechanical design of the Proteân XM has significant advances over previous designs, making use of aluminium, advanced polymers and carbon fibre. These are machined, 3D printed, moulded and extruded to achieve the perfect blend of materials and techniques for the purpose.

Still from Proteân XM video

 View the Proteân XM teaser video for IBC 2017

Flexible sizing:

We felt it important to offer flexible sizing to accommodate more camera models and more applications. The compact (pictured) is the smallest configuration. A 50mm width extender is available and 100mm height extenders give a number of options. Fitting these changes the configuration to a full size unit for over-slinging and wider cameras. A second side support is also available for heavier loads. No longer does an operator have to compromise when choosing a head size - just add or remove extenders to configure the head for each job.

Maximum control:

With numerous options for physical control, protocol control, lens control, camera CCU control and motion control the Proteân offers superb flexibility and can be used in any number of environments. 

Positional feedback (metadata) is essential for both Virtual and Augmented Reality and any application under computer control. 24bit, real-time, metadata is output continuously in either Free D or Bradley M* format. This includes Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus positions. Other data can be included.

Motion Control:

A major feature of the Proteân XM is that it always does a Motion Controlled Profile Move to each pre-set position. The parameters of this move can be specified by the operator using our standard Multi Function Controller.  All axes, Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Focus, will move in the same amount of time to the specified position.  A default time is automatically stored, but can be adjusted at any time.  Total Time, Ramp Up time, and Ramp Down time can be adjusted by the operator for each position independently. 

The Proteân XM has Move Tracing ability.  The unit can record a move, manually performed by the operator.  This move can then be replayed very accurately and the move time can be adjusted up or down.  It can even play the move in reverse which is useful for performing an accurate zoom in.  Record it as a zoom out and replay it in reverse.

Full positional motion control can be achieved by using any number of motion control software applications.  The Proteân XM uses our unique Predictive Motion Smoothing (PMS) algorithm to ensure that movement is not jerky yet remains accurate.  Loss of data is tolerated because the firmware predicts future positions based on the previous move profile and fills in any gaps. This also enables operation with very low data rates and data drop-outs, with just the minimum of variance from the desired move profile.

  • Size Extension options
  • Fibre, IP, Copper options
  • Loads up to 20kg
  • Motion Control & Profile Moves
  • Integrated Camera CCU & Lens Control
  • Multiple Data Protocols
  • Suitable for Virtual Reality
  • 24bit Positional Control
  • Joystick, Wheels or Computer Control

Other notes

This product is so new it is still in the final stages of development. We will have a working model of the Proteân XM at IBC 2017. Visit us in Hall 12, Stand F:67 to find out more. 

If you have a particular specification you would like to see added to this head we are always happy to hear your ideas! 

If you cannot make IBC, please contact us with your ideas, or for price information - admin@br-remote.com



Product image

DimensionsCompact: W. 286mm, H. 303mm, D. 140mm Extended: W. 317mm, H. 603mm, D. 140mm (3 x height extensions) Max. width clearance to camera centre. 160mm Max. Tilt clearance from axis centre. 429mm
Weight6kg (Compact version)
Power12-16v (peak 24v). 0.25A (idle), 5A max + camera requirement.
Dimensions12-16v (peak 24v). 0.25A (idle), 5A max + camera requirement.

The standard model is the smallest configuration. The standard model comes with: 

  • RS 485 Standard control
  • Lens control
  • Point-to-point profile move
  • Status display
  • CCU protocols
  • DMX Control
  • Free D & M* Control
  • Metadata Output

Optional extras then include:

  • RJ45 IP control input
  • Fibre / IP control and HDSDi (4K ready)
  • Width extension (+50mm)
  • Height extensions (+100mm sections)
  • Slip rings
SpeedFrom 0.01 deg/sec to 100 deg/sec. 10 electronic gears. Full proportional control.
Additional info


Pan: Continuous with slip rings. +/- 170deg. without slip rings 

Tilt: Continuous (to camera cable limits)  

Position Resolution: 

0.001 deg.