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  Multi Camera Selector
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The Multi Camera Selector gives access to the full potential of the BRADLEY Remote Camera System with access to 99 cameras on each system.

The intuitive keypad uses the minimum keystrokes to select a camera or store and recall a pre-set position. If the cameras have the capacity the MCS gives access to up to 99 pre-set positions per camera.

Additional features include assignable matrix mapping to enable operator selection to automatically switch any matrix input to any matrix output. Usually this output is the operator's monitor. This facility is key to easy operation on large multi-camera setups. The displays clearly show the selected camera and the matrix input and output routing.

Cameras can be re-idented with any camera number to match the production camera numbers which also makes for hassle-free operation.

The Multi Camera Selector is also available in a standard RCP form factor to work alongside our RCP panels. All the MCS panels on a system are updated when any change is made by any other panel.

Cameras can also be grouped to enable commands to be sent simultaneously to all cameras in the group. Setting a white balance, for example, can be done quickly to all cameras in a particular area with this function. Alternatively, all cameras in a group can be sent to a preset position at the same time. This is a really useful feature for scenes in stage shows, for example. Cameras can be in any number of groups at the same time.

Connection to the data network is via simple XLR connectors both for power and data. The form factor is available to match our Multi Function Controller or our Remote Camera Panels.

  • Access up to 99 cameras
  • Access to extended pre-set positions
  • Assignable Matrix mapping
  • Assignable TX button
  • Multiple groups
  • Up to 4 Operator Panels per system
  • Up to 8 Engineering Panels per system
  • Engineering Panel form factor option
  • Intuitive keypad selection
  • 99 camera settings memory

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DimensionsMFC style: 176mm x 205mm x 85mm RCP style: 353mm x 100mm drop in panel
Power12v 500mA
Dimensions12v 500mA
DataRS485, 9600baud