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  Mini Remote Camera Panel
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The Mini RCP is a sophisticated yet simple remote camera control panel. It is housed in a rugged aluminium extrusion with rubber surrounds and fitted with soft-touch knobs.

The camera protocols including, Toshiba TU48/63, Hitachi, Sony, Ikegami, JVC etc. are stored in the remote Protocol Converters which are individually ident-assignable. In this way up to 4 different cameras can be controlled with the same RCP. Controlling different cameras is simply a matter of purchasing the appropriate Protocol Converter.

8 most-used controls are directly available with another 3, user-assignable controls available at the touch of a button. These 3 secondary controls can be selected and changed from any number of other camera adjustments available on the specified camera.

All values are displayed either on the LCD or LED displays and all the switch and knob legends all have LED back lighting for easy reading in dark environments.

Output is on an industry standard XLR3 or XLR4 socket in RS485 format. The XLR4 version also carries power for the protocol converter. The remote Protocol Converters can be up to 1km from the Mini RCP using standard audio cable. An LED indicates power and data at the remote end.

The Protocol Converters are supplied with the appropriate camera connector.

Protocol Converter & camera plug

Data can also be routed via any Bradley Engineering joystick controller and is interlaced into the pan, tilt and lens command data. This enables engineering commands to be sent via the same data path but to a different camera to that being controlled by the camera operator.

Direct access knobs

Master Pedestal
Red Gain
Blue Gain
White Balance & Bars
Camera Select
Display Iris/Master Pedestal

One-Touch Sub Functions; (The operation of these functions is dependent on the camera)

Black Gamma
Chroma Gain
Shutter Mode
Menu Page
Menu Up/Dn & Select
16:9 / 4:3

Functions may change, be removed or be added depending on the specification and camera

  • Rugged
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Multi Camera

Other notes


Product image

DimensionsH.210mm, W.102mm, D.35mm
Power12v, 200mA
Dimensions12v, 200mA
DataRS485 or RS232c