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Remote Head
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The new MiniPos is an extremely cost effective postioning head for small cameras - like the BR Remote HD16 or any other small, lightweight camera. It is ideally suited to use in fixed camera positions to offer alternative shots from the same camera. Although not designed for smooth, live-action moves it greatly extends the effectiveness of fixed camera positions by enabling remote pan and tilt adjustments and can store preset shot positions.

Made in tough ABS plastic it has standard 1/4” mounting threads on the base and fixings for the HD16 or other cameras using 1/4” camera bolts.

It operates from any BR Remote (or BRADLEY) controller and can store up to 8 preset positions of pan and tilt. The BR Remote HD16 camera can store the zoom and focus positions to match.

2 standard camera brackets are available:

  • ‘L’ shaped for side mounting
  • ‘T’ shaped for top mounting

The ‘L Bracket’ keeps the camera in balance and the camera will remain in postion when power is removed

The ‘T Bracket’ has a norrower profile, but needs power to keep the camera in position when tilted from the horizontal.

Specifiy which bracket you need when ordering. In addition, custom brackets can be produced to order.

  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Preset Positions

Other notes

This product is new February 2017.

Please contact us for price information - admin@br-remote.com

If you have a particular specification you would like to see added to this head we are always happy to hear your ideas! 

This product partners really well with our new HD-16 camera.


Product image

DimensionsH.80, D.70, W.45. + Camera Plate H.64, D.108, W.67
Power12v 0.7A
Dimensions12v 0.7A
Additional info

Pan Range:           180 Deg.

Tilt Range:            +/- 26 Deg.  (can be configured for more)

Max. Load:             500gms