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  Lens Servo Unit
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The LSU_4 is a remote lens servo unit which can be set to drive either  Zoom, Focus or Iris from our standard protocols.
The unique feature of the LSU_4 is that as well as driving the focus with a servo gear it also outputs standard zoom & focus control signals (2.5v - 7.5v) on the Hirose 12pin connector. This can be plugged into a TV zoom lens to control the zoom and also the focus servo if fitted. If no focus servo is fitted, use the LSU_4 servo.
A flying XLR4 cable receives both power and data and it clamps directly to a standard 15mm support bar with gears for Fujinon, Canon, or other lenses also available. Custom lens gears can be made by request.
The unit is ideal for use on the Versatile jib head, minimising the control cable requirement. The Versatile controller has access to set the servo limits and speeds etc.
Power:12v @  1400mA max.
Data:RS 485, 9600 baud, Bradley protocols
Analogue:0 - 5v potentiometer control

Zoom, Focus or Iris
14 bit resolution
Zoom control output
Iris control output

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Power12v @ 1400mA max
Dimensions12v @ 1400mA max
DataRS 485, 9600 baud, Bradley protocols