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  IP Converters

Our converters come pre-configured and have our standard XLR3 and XLR4 connectors. They use our standard 12v power supplier. When connecting to a controller, the unit is powered from the controller. When connecting to a camera, it uses the camera power supply and passes power onto the camera.

  • No fiddly power connectors with odd voltage PSUs
  • Standard XLR and RJ45 connectors

RS485 to IP Multicaster

Connects to a controller and broadcasts to multiple IP-485 receivers simultaneously.

IP to RS485 Converter

Receives data from a multicaster and conneccts directly to one or multiple cameras.

RS485 full Duplex over IP

Two units which connect via TCP/IP, configured as a full duplex RS485 connection. Each direction is completely independent from the other in all respects. These are used on our multi-camera systems with multiple controllers. Any other RS485 data can also use these units.

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  • Rugged IP Converters
  • Data Loop Through
  • 1 or 2 Power Inputs
  • 4 Data/Power Outputs

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