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  HDC-160 Underwater Dome

BR Remote has a long history of manufacturing waterproof and underwater cameras and housings. These are generally made to order, but we have a number of designs we can readily manufacture. Some even have gravity roll levelling built-in.

The HDC-160 Dome shown in the picture is perfect for looking upwards or downwards and can be used for wildlife or swimming events as the ideal ‘Turn Camera’. 

Our HDC-160 fits perfectly inside and can be removed and used as normal when not underwater. The dome allows a wide angle shot of more than 65 degrees with zoom capability – depending on water clarity. With the ability to tilt slightly downwards and a pan range of +/- 125degs it can cover more than required if located in a corner or against a wall.

The unit is submersible to at least 10m.



Other notes

Find out more about the HDC-160 camera.


Product image


Option to have the unit fitted with fan assisted air circulation. 

Additional info

Operates in water temperatures -10 degrees C to + 40 degrees C