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  Dual Channel Fibre System
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The BRADLEY Dual Fibre System is designed primarily for remote camera operations as a compact and flexible solution to getting power and data to cameras and bringing the SDI or HDSDI pictures back over long distances without any compromise in quality.

Using a standard hybrid cable, 2 channels of video can be sent with power and data to the remote cameras. Either channel can be reversed to send video to the remote end. This is useful in commentary positons, for example, to give a reverse video feed.

Either Lemo or Neutrik connectors can be fitted together with a local power / data input.

With the Neutrik connectors fitted, standard LC fibres can be used with power and data inserted via the XLR4.

At both the remote end and the local end there are extensive status LED displays which warn of various faults and potential issues. These give the operators both confidence and indications of potential problems enabling them to effect solutions before problems arise.

The sub-rackmount near end unit is powered with a standard 12 - 18v DC supply making it usable both in fixed equipment or battery operated in the field. The plugs and sockets are so simple that mis-connection is virtually impossible. This near-end unit is a subrack size and 8 units can be mounted into a 3U rack.

Power and RS485 data are input via the XLR4, the hybrid cable is connected and SDI or HDSDI pictures are delivered from the BNC sockets.

The unit is protected from being plugged into other camera systems and will only send power up the cable if it receives the correct data message from the far end. When the far end receives power it switches on one camera first and checks the cable capacity. If OK then the 2nd camera is switched on.

If the load is too high 12-15v alternative override power can be applied directly to the remtoe end via the XLR4 socket.

Various cables and fibres can be sourced from Bradley Engineering or any other supplier

  • Dual Channel - Single hybrid cable
  • 3D compatible
  • Lemo or Neutrik / LC, XLR4 
  • Power, data & pictures
  • Reversable SDI/HDSDI channels
  • 200 - 500m power
  • 1km data (without repeaters)
  • 10km HDSDI
  • Comprehensive status displays
  • Weatherproof Remote End
  • Rackmount Near End

Other notes



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DimensionsRemote End 190 x 110 x 68 mm Near End 173d x 127h x 50w
Power12 - 15v 5A Power OUT: 12v @ 2A or 1A per channel
Dimensions12 - 15v 5A Power OUT: 12v @ 2A or 1A per channel

HDSDI input: Cable equalization at remote end up to 100m per channel

Additional info

Single Mode Fibres: 1310nM DFB modules