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  Data Multiplexers
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Data Multiplexers are used to multiplex the data from up to four individual controllers enabling multioperator control of up to 8 heads. The routers can be cascaded to enable control of up to 64 remote heads plus a further 25 peripheral devices.

The priorities of the controllers can be user defined including setting the time out should a controller be inactive for a determined time. This prevents one controller "locking out" the otherd from accessing the remote head. Biocular LEDs on the front panel indicate the status of each controller.

Only one connected controller needs power. The data router and the other controllers can derive power from a single source.

  • Up to 4 controller inputs
  • User Defined Priority
  • Inactivity timeout
  • 4 buffered outputs
  • Two versions available
  • 1. 2 way built into a stage box
  • 2. 4 way in a 1U rack case.

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