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  Camball 460
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Building on the 13+ year history of the CamBall series the Camball 460 offers the full, simultaneous control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus, with smooth moves even at the tight end of the lens. Inside the unit is the ALCM460 4k camera module and an Olympus 3x zoom lens. Of course other lenses can be fitted as well. Slightly larger, with a 200mm ball rather than the original 150mm, there is space for much higher quality camera and optics.

The CamBall460 is fully weatherproof to IP65 (or better) and can withstand extended periods
in all types of weather and conditions. An internal port heater can be fitted, which is useful for
preventing any lens fogging in cold conditions. The heater is remotely switched on and off.
A safety bond point is fitted to the base of the unit.

The ALCM460 camera inside the Camball 460 is switchable between HD and 4K, offering a ‘buy now - switch later’ approach. . Both 50fps and 60fps frame rates are supported. All camera CCU functions can be controlled via our Remote Camera Panel Mk3.

The Quad 3G output from the camera is multiplexed, using industry standard wavelengths, onto a single fibre ST connection on the base. A second ST fibre connection carries the control and genlock from the Base Station.

  • 13.5 Megapixel, Super 35 Sensor
  • 3:1 optical zoom (+other options)
  • Inverted or Upright Mounting
  • Rugged and Weatherproof
  • Direct fibre output & control
  • Genlock and full CCU control
  • PTZF Preset positions

Other notes

Compare the dimensions of the Camball3 to the Camball 460.

Find out more about the Camball 460 (brochure)

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